Omni Study

Omni Study is an elegant student planner app that helps students manage their classes, assignments, events, and grades. Omni Study will help you prioritize your tasks and get ahead.

With Omni Study, you can:

- Add classes, teachers, and class times
- Create repeating events and assignments (such as lectures or weekly quizzes)
- See what grade you need on your next assignment to either achieve the next letter grade, or to maintain your current grade in a class
- Enter block schedules as well as home and online schools
- Create assignments and custom assignment types and weights on a per-class level
- See a trend of your grades graphed over time
- Get push notification reminders for classes, events, and assignments
- Get push notification reminders to start working on assignments
- See a history of your grades graphed over time
- Add goals and track progress in stages
- Sync with iCal
- Sync with all your devices automatically via iCloud

Teacher or Administrator? Omni Study supports volume purchasing

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